kaktooz at the hongkong cultural centre piazza concert

Kaktooz performed at the "Concert in the Park" at the Hongkong Cultural Centre Piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui recently this 22nd of November 2009. The event was well attended and the show was a great success. The concert was organized by the Philippine Consulate Office, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Musicians Union (HKMU). Other artists which performed at the concert were The Culprits, Proteus and Friends, Music Seekers, Charcoal, H2O and Sensational in Tiffany's, all of whom are based in Hong Kong.

Kaktooz would like to extend their gratitude to the following who have helped and contributed to their performance:

Ispayk of Icebox -- percussion and photography
Brutus Tan of Manila-Davao All Star (formerly of Advent Call) -- percussion and photography
Jun Mendez of Icebox and The Culprits -- video shoot
Gani Valenzuela of Manila-Davao All Star -- video shoot
Roland Roque of Manila-Davao All Star -- technical team
Noli of Icebox and The Culprits --  photography
The Hong Kong Musicians Union, the Philippine Consulate Office and LCSD Hong Kong

This set of photos was taken by Brutus Tan.
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kaktooz working on new songs

While the band is busy performing nightly at Bar Amazonia in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, they are also working on new original materials which they plan to record very soon. The upcoming album will be released by digital distribution at Reverbnation and also as Audio CDs in Hong Kong. The sound that Kaktooz plans to come up with will be slightly different from the sound of their previous works and the members are optimistic that it will reach a much wider market due to technology readily available on the internet and by the help of friends and supporters. Struggling as an independent artist while working as an entertainment band to make ends meet is not an easy task,but what needs to be done must be done... all for the love of music.

kaktooz at metrowalk

Kaktooz at the Metrowalk Quadrangle, Pasig Philippines, 2009
Photo courtesy of Robert Dela Cruz

kaktooz with hinder guitarist

After Hinder's concert inside the US Naval Base MWR in Bahrain, the famous group decided to go out, have  a few (or more) drinks, have fun and watch a band... and guess what..? they went to Gulf Hotel and Kaktooz was there. Hinder stayed the whole night watching three sets of Kaktooz and the band (Kaktooz) felt both odd and proud having to have a world famous band as an audience.

Gulf Hotel Bahrain, 2008

the blues

The Blues, originally uploaded by Brad HK.
Some blues covers and improvisations are elements of Kaktooz's happy hour acoustic set at Bar Amazonia Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of photographer and also a good friend of the band, Mr. Brad Morris, from his Flickr photostream - Brad HK.

jephthah sings marvin gaye

Kaktooz - Bar Amazonia Hong Kong, originally uploaded by Brad HK.
"Ain't No Sunshine" by Marvin Gaye is crowd favorite covered by Jeph during early hour at Bar Amazonia, Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of photographer and also a good friend of the band, Mr. Brad Morris, from his Flickr photostream - Brad HK.

you're so vain

Kaktooz - Bar Amazonia Hong Kong, originally uploaded by Brad HK.
Sopheia sings a hit from Carly Simon - "You're So Vain" at happy hours in Amazonia, Wan Chai. Photo courtesy of photographer and also a good friend of the band, Mr. Brad Morris, from his Flickr photostream - Brad HK.

like a rolling stone

Denzio, originally uploaded by Brad HK.
Denzio does a Bob Dylan cover - "LIke A Rolling Stone", during early hours at Amazonia, Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of photographer and also a good friend of the band, Mr. Brad Morris, from his Flickr photostream - Brad HK.


Shot take at outdoor grounds of the The Cultural Center of the Philippines for the Suzuki Concert Tour. Photo courtesy of Suzuki Philippines.


Sonny G. Vallo
vocals / bass / acoustic guitar

Sonny is the latest addition to the band's line-up but him and Dennis (drummer) share common roots and have performed together in past. Yes, like the rest of the band, Sonny is also a multi-talented artist well able to play different instruments with ease and conviction. During the span of his musical career, he performed professionally as a bassist, guitarist, keyboardist at the same time doing lead vocals traveling the countries of Vietnam, China and Bahrain. His musical arranging and programming skills also add up to his arsenal of talents. He sings cover songs from U2, Police, Blues Brothers and other classics which added a great deal of new character to the band.


Jephthah Wenceslao
JEPHTHAH - vocals / electric and acoustic guitars / percussion 

Being the guitarist of BLACK EYED PEA’s Apol during the Philippine Concert Tour with Slapshock, Jephthah is not your ordinary musician. Very well accustomed to harsh competitions, he has won and gathered numerous music contest awards. He was part of several established recording acts in the Philippines such as Agaw Agimat, Bernardo Carpio, Slapshock, Reggae Mistress and Virus Artists to name some. He was also the essential part of the band who won (Grand Champion) the Yamaha Philippine National Band Competition which represented the Philippines in Singapore for the World Finals. A seasoned songwriter-arranger, Jephthah was also a product demonstrator and specilaist for Aria Pro’s line of guitars and amplifiers in the Philippines and endorser of Behringer products. His manic guitar shows always rocks the house putting audiences in awe. Jephthah is popular  for playing hard and wild with classic Hendrix tunes, but his bluesy and emotional interpretations of hits from Marvin Gaye and even Sade sends audiences to a natural high.

Photo courtesy of Mark Forbes 

Photo courtesy of Suzuki Philippines

 Photo courtesy of Suzuki Philippines

  Photo courtesy of Suzuki Philippines 


Dennis R. Briones
DENZIO - vocals / drums / guitars / harmonica

An experienced artist-entertainer, he performed in Singapore and Maldives, U.S. Bases top venues and concerts in the Philippines, Bahrain and presently Hong Kong. He was also part of numerous album projects and movie soundtracks in the past. Watching him play would clearly translate that he is doing it to his heart and soul's fulfillment. Denzio was nominated in the Philippine Awit Awards 2001 as songwriter, one of the Philippine's most prestigious awarding body for songwriters.  He is also a sound designer-jingle writer and studio engineer when not onstage extending his creative output on musical scores and other music related projects in the realm of the performing arts. For the band, aside from playing drums, second guitars (for acoustic set-up) and harmonica, he sings classic hits from the likes of The Doors, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and more.


Carlo A. Carranza
CARLO - Vocals / Keyboards / Acoustic Guitar

Carlo's visual presence instantly sends the crowd to a reggae mood and hist soulful rendition of  reggae tunes and other island music hits justifies just that, transcending an ordinary night into a festive tropical mood. A truly multi-talented performer, aside from playing keyboards and singing up front as a standing vocalist not only for reggae but for classic hits and hard rock as well, he also plays acoustic and electric guitars. Aside from reggae, Carlo sings song by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage, Big Mountain, Papa Roach and even Harry Belafonte song interpreted and arranged by Kaktooz. 

 Photo courtesy of Jephthah Wenceslao


Photo courtesy of Ardie Lopez

pinoy bands in concert bahrain 2007

A charity concert of Pinoy (Filipino) Bands in Bahrain for Gawad Kalinga organized by Treskilion Bahrain Chapter. The concert was held at the Delmon Hotel poolside.

Sopheia on vocals and Denzio on the drums

Carlo and Jephthah

Sopheia sings a Christmas song

host... the show's about to begin

the bands who performed with Treskilion team

gma 7 marketing division christmas party 2006

Kaktooz performs for the marketing division of GMA 7 TV Network in Quezon City, Philippines for their Christmas party.

Kaktooz with GMA 7's main man - CEO Felipe Gozon



sing-along time with the people from GMA

philippine embassy bahrain

Kaktooz performs an acoustic charity show held at the OWWA Philippine Embassy in Bahrain for the OFWs. The show was organized by Treskilion Bahrain Chapter headed by Mr. John Bituin.

kaktooz acoustic sets

Aside from performing live as a full band set up (electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drums), Kaktooz also performs as an acoustic act during early hours of the evening before in Gulf Hotel Bahrain and Bar Amazonia Hong Kong at present. The acoustic repertoire is purely classic hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, a type of music quite difficult to find nowadays being played by bands which is why Kaktooz's acoustic sets have established a crowd and following of its own.

acoustic set on Halloween night


don't worry about a thing

DSC_4214bw, originally uploaded by michaelinhkong.
"Don't worry about a thing, coz every little thing's, 'gonna be alright!" ... words from Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds sung by Carlo on late hours. Photo courtesy of photographer and friend Michael from his photostream at Flickr michaelinhkong photostream.

soul sacrifice in hong kong

DSC_4217a, originally uploaded by michaelinhkong.
Jephthah on percussions for the intro of a song by Santana - "Soul Sacrifice". Photo courtesy of photographer and friend Michael from his photostream at Flickr michaelinhkong photostream.

somebody to love

DSC_4196bw, originally uploaded by michaelinhkong.
Sopheia belts out a tune by Jefferson Airplane - "Somebody to Love".. a crowd favorite. Photo courtesy of michaelinhkong photostream at Flickr.

burn baby burn !

Flaming Guitar, originally uploaded by marklf53.
Jephthah puts his guitar in flames (and the floor as well) during a show in Hong Kong at Bar Amazonia. Photo courtesy of Mark Forbes from marklf53's photostream at Flickr.


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halloween in wan chai 2009

It was the band's first Halloween in Hong Kong and as expected, it was a blast. Almost everyone out wore costumes and the streets of Wan Chai resembled some horror movie scenes like those from "Dawn of the Dead". Amazonia is always packed any day of the week, but this time not by people, but by monsters. Check out the party pics that night.

Noli of Icebox w/ Denzio of Kaktooz

Gloria, Sopheia, Brad, Janel, Jephthah & Janice

party people at Amazonia

Denzio unmasked

Ispayk of Icebox, Bret and Denzio

auto focus car show at the fort

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sherlock holmes gulf hotel bahrain

Pictures of performances at the Sherlock Holmes, Gulf Hotel, 2008
(Bahrain's biggest and premiere 5 star hotel)

 party people

Jephthah's showtime

as always, Kaktooz jampacks the venue

suzuki concert tour - malate, manila


Patricia Carla Silang Valdez
SOPHEIA - Vocals / Synths

The ever playful and carefree character she projects on stage are actually products of hard work and dedication as one would know that only if you are confident can you feel that way on stage. A fashion model at times she’s not belting out crowd favorite tunes, she was Bunny Jeans Model of the Year, a frequent pageant contender and has been part of several bands in the past. Rarely does one see talent, beauty and character go side by side. Pia’s addition to the band’s line-up has certainly proven worthwhile. She was also crowned Ms. Binibining Batangas (beauty contest) in 2005. To date, she has toured with the band on two international contracts, namely Bahrain and Hong Kong, aside from numerous shows and concert tours in the Philippines.

Photo slide-show courtesy of Brad Morris.