latest kaktooz pictorial

This is Kaktooz's latest group shot. Photo taken by Kaktooz guitarist Jephthah, using a 10 second timer to run to be in it!... hahaha..

kaktooz performs at the chater garden park, hong kong

Last June 6, Sunday, Kaktooz performed for a crowd of approximately 2,000 people at the Chater Garden Park, Central District in Hong Kong. The concert-show was entitled "Sama-sama sa Saya" and was organized by the Confederation of Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong and sponsored by Western Union. Kaktooz was invited by the Hong Kong Musician;s Union headed by Mr. Jun Santiago, also an established musician.

hongkong 2010 rugby 7 after parties

Here are some pictures from the festivities during the 
Hong Kong Rugby 7 for the year 2010.

Kaktooz with the three kings

Party Peeps

At Amazonia's entrance...  inside, people were jam-packed like sardines in a can

Sopheia & Denzio strikes a pose

Denzio grabs this guy's cock... just wondering where Sonny's other hand is??

The streets from our apartment window

Wan Chai in party-chaos...5:30am

hmmm.. Denzio seemed to have enjoyed the party quite well

There was music and dancing in the streets....all out party-chaos, laughter, all sorts of crazy characters in costume; we were banging the night with the hardest rock songs we could deliver... it was exhausting but we had so much fun. Cheers!

sonny joins the team

This 2010, Sonny G. Vallo joins Kaktooz as a vocalist-bassist. He just came from China for a performance contract, went to the Philippines for a few days then he was rockin' with Kaktooz as if he played with the band for years. The fact that him and Denzio performed numerous gigs and concerts in the past has helped the band in having a tight sound with minimal time and effort.

Sonny is an artist of multiple talents being able to sing, play bass, guitars, keyboards and is quite skilled in music arranging and programming (although programming is not much use for Kaktooz since everything is played LIVE). He has traveled Vietnam, Bahrain and China to perform in the past. Sonny's powerful vocal range is a big plus for the group since he could easily belt out cover tunes by Sting and The Police, U2, Blues Brothers and other classic hits. Just in time for the band's album project, Sonny's contribution would be of great importance.