Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song) by Kaktooz Now Online

Kaktooz, whose been playing around countries in Asia for several years and recentlty based in China just launched an original song online via You Tube and Facebook. Shared to the world online just February 7, 2012, the song entitled "Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song)" which is dedicated to OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) all over the world had a good day's start with OFWs from all over checking out the song and saying that it is something they could relate to.

Kaktooz, started with the Philippine music circuit way back 2001 and engaged in a few recording projects. The band then traveled to Bahrain as OFWs for a four year contract stint at three different venues. After that, they spent a few months in the Philippines touring the provinces and islands and but was quickly hired to perform in Hong Kong, after a tedious audition process (around 25 bands auditioned), a gig which lasted another two years. June of 2011, they transferred  to Shekou, Shenzhen, China and there, the band recorded Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song), a song which was written in Wan Chai, Hong Kong in 2010.

The song Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song) is an honest account of what life a typical OFW has. The sacrifices, hardships, pain, triumphs and hope that all dwell within an OFW's spirit and mind. Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song) is a song "for the OFW by an OFW". It is written by Dennis R. Briones, the band's drummer-vocalist who recorded the acoustic guitars and sang it together with Patricia v. Silang on lead vocals and Sonny the bassman on back-up vocals. Jephthah laid down the electric guitar and that slide guitar which added depth and emotion. Carlo put in the keyboard bed which tied everything up together.

Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song) could be viewed on You Tube and is slowly gaining popularity amongst OFWs. Most OFWs who have watched and listened to it connected and said, "It's true, that's the life we live". The song is shared online to the world for free as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. as of now, it could only be accessed via YouTube and not downloadable.

Kaktooz is presently in Shenzhen at Xtasea Sports Bar, Minghua Ship, Sea World, Shekou attending to their daily OFW duties to perform to an audience of mixed races while trying to put in their extra time off to make Original Filipino Music.

Listen and watch Bayani Ng Lahi (OFW Song) on YouTube below.