KAKTOOZ : 10 years of music and entertainment

Unafraid to explore new territories breaking new grounds, Kaktooz has proven its effectiveness in the art of music and entertainment through the years. Now, after nearly a decade of performing and entertaining crowds from all over, Kaktooz is as strong as ever with the vision of becoming a prominent act all over the globe.

Formed in 2001, Kaktooz released its debut album distributed by Ivory Records only after a year of which they had successive concert tours in 
Luzon supported by Vanguard Radio Network. In 2003, Kaktooz was the major song contributor for Loving You, an album project under XAX Music Intl. for the GMA 7 TV Soap Opera of the same title of which they wrote the lyrics to and performed the theme song. Kaktooz then performed in Bahrain in 2004 up to 2006, having 5 contract renewals and being one of the longest hired band by the same company then. Kaktooz also performed special shows inside the US Naval Base in Bahrain and other special concerts on the island.

The group also recorded and released an all original album in 
Bahrain in 2006, being the first and only Filipino and foreign band to do so in that part of the Gulf. The album entitled Enigma Days was supported by Budweiser, Ramee, Mediacom and other sponsors. From time to time the band went home to the Philippines to perform in Boracay for a month or so before going out again. Kaktooz had two more contracts in Bahrain after working with Ramee group for two years. They went on to perform at Tabasco Charlie's and the last one to date was at Sherlock Holmes, Gulf Hotel, Bahrain's premier and biggest 5 Star Hotel.

Presently, Kaktooz is performing Bar Amazonia, Wan Chai Hong Kong for another contract term at the same time working on their new originals which they plan to record and release mid of 2010.

(full band profile is available upon request)