Here's a list of Kaktooz's technical rider and own personal gear used for gigs:

Back Line Technical Rider:
2 electric guitar combo amps (Marshall or Fender)
1 bass amp-head with matched speaker cab (Ampeg or SWR)
1 4-channel keyboard amp combo (Roland or Peavey)
1 set drums (Yamaha, Tama or DW)
1 set cymbals (Zildjian, Paiste or Chang)
4 wired SM58 vocal mics
1 wireless mic (Shure or Senheisser)
2 instrument mics for percussions
6 mic boom stands (4 for vocals, 2 for percussions)
1 straight mic stand for wireless
5 floor monitors (at least 4 mixes)

Line and Mic'ing
2 units D.I. Boxes for bass and keyboard
2 units SM57s with stands for the guitar amps
9 Drum mics: snare top, snare bottom, tom 1, tom 2, floor tom, kick, hi-hat, 2 condenser overheads

Preferred Vocal Effects Setting - Hall

Band Members' Gear

SOPHEIA: vocals, synths
Shure Wireless Beta-58 Vocal Mic

JEPHTHAH: vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, percussion
Fender Stratocaster Vintage Series

Fender Stratocaster Standard Japan
Fender Stratocaster US Standard
Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar
Jackson Electric Guitar
Ashton Telecaster Guitar

BC Rich Warloch Guitar
Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Samson Wireless System
Shure SM 58 Vocal Mic
LP Bongos
Effects: Combination of Line 6, Zoom, Boss, Behringer,
Dunlop Wah Pedal

CARLO: vocals, keyboards, guitars
Korg Triton LE 76 keys Workstation
Korg X5D Keyboard Synth

Roland Juno D Synthesizer Keyboard
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
Shure SM 58 Vocal Mic

Zoom and Digitech Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Boards

SONNY: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Tobias 5-string Fret-less Bass Guitar

Ibanez BTB 5 string Bass Guitar
Warwick Rock 5-string Bass Guitar

Behringer Bass amp simulator and effects unit
Shure SM 58 Vocal Mic 

DENZIO: vocals, drums-percussion, guitars, harmonica
Drumkits - Yamaha and Tama

Cymbals: Paiste, Zildjian and Pulse
Pearl Double Bass Pedal
Zildjian Super 2b Drumsticks

Tama Electric Toms
Epiphone Dot Studio Archtop Guitar

Digitech VL3D Studio Vocal Harmonizer
Hohner Harmonicas
Shure SM 58 Vocal Mic
LP Conga and cowbell, Native Malay Hand Drums